Gen 2 Non Live Valve Factory Shock Exchange w/deposit | Per Set (4)

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***Please Read***

This is for shock exchange (4 shocks) that has already had a basic shock service performed, consisting of the shock body and shaft cleaned of contaminates, new seals, new wear bands, SDI needle valve adapters, and fresh oil. 

The shocks provided may show signs of wear such as chips, scrapes, scuffs, or peppering however are in 100% working order. The shocks are shipped without springs, top hats, and shock guards requiring the customer to reuse these from their own shocks before shipping to APO.

*** Note, the cost of this exchange includes a refundable deposit of $700 and shipping cost to and from Angry Pumpkin Offroad. The customer will be refunded the deposit within 2 weeks from receiving the cores back to Angry Pumpkin Offroad and an inspection completed. Should the inspection reveal parts must be replaced, the customer will receive the deposit minus the cost of parts. The customer will be notified of said parts.

If you are considering using the shock exchange program, are local and want to pick up at the shop, the cost of shipping will be part of your deposit and refunded along with the core deposit.

If the cores are not shipped to Angry Pumpkin Offroad within 2 weeks after delivery to the customer, 50% of the deposit will be forfeited. Angry Pumpkin Offroad will provide a return label for the customers core shocks. Should Angry Pumpkin Offroad not receive the customers cores after 30 days, the customer forfeits 100% of the deposit.

If core shocks are shipped with excess dirt on them, a cleaning charge of $25 per shock will deducted from the deposit. Customer will be notified if this applies.

Please send any and all questions to